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Womens and Children’s Shelter

Safe house protection, Crisis Hotline, Legal Advocacy, Case Management, Counseling, Children’s Advocacy, Transitional Housing

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Family Services

Counseling Program

General Mental Health, Alcohol and Drug Dependency, Grief, Stress, and Relational Conflict counseling available for all age groups. Services provided on a sliding fee scale.

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Batterers Intervention and Prevention Program

24-week program teaches non-controlling and non-violent coping skills and addresses denial, minimization, blame, and justification for abuse.

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Anger Management

18-week program for adult men or women dealing with uncontrolled anger. Teaches coping, positive reactions to everyday stress, and planning to deal with anger.

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Family Services of Southeast Texas Active Parenting

Parenting Education

Assists parents with the challenges of effective child rearing, while focusing on the needs of parents and children during times of stress.

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Family Services of Southeast Texas Kid's Connection

Kid’s Connection

10-week class that helps children identify feelings and learn how to express them in healthy ways, avoid confrontation, build self-confidence, set goals, make healthy-life choices, maintain healthy friendships, and take care of ourselves.

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Family Services of Southeast Texas Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program

Help your business keep the valuable company assets that employees represent. Provide them with assessment and counseling for family and job-related problems.

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Family Services Blog

Power and Control – Tactics Used by Male Batterers

Power and Control – Tactics Used by Male Batterers

At Family Services, we provide emergency safe haven for victims of domestic violence.  Most of the victims we help are women and children seeking a way to escape an abusive family situation.

What some don’t know is that we also work very hard with perpetrators of violence (batterers) to break the cycle of violence.

The Power and Control Wheel is an extremely useful tool (developed by The Domestic Abuse Intervention Project) that we use as a part of our curriculum in our Batterer’s Intervention and Prevention Program and also with women who come to our shelter.

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Basic Steps to Deal with Anger

Basic Steps to Deal with Anger

At the Family Services Counseling Center, we teach people how to manage their anger.  We begin with helping people understand that anger is a feeling – and feelings are OK.  Its not wrong to become angry.  Anger is a normal and necessary emotion.  It is a very important defense mechanism.  Anger helps protect and motivate us from being mistreated or taken advantage of.

But being angry all the time can cause all types of problems, from general health issues to relationship and work problems. And what causes problems for many people, men and women alike,  is how they deal with their anger.

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Why Even the Smallest Business Needs an Employee Assistance Program

Worsening health status and stagnating productivity are major concerns of employers nationwide.

Some employers are experiencing alarming increases in absence rates due to the growing number of claims for short- and long-term disability and Family Medical Leave.

Stress is a major concern for employers and managers, and mental health and substance-use conditions continue to be a leading cause of illness and lost productivity for most employers.

Factors that can affect business performance include:

  • mental health conditions
  • sleep problems
  • family problems
  • financial problems
  • anger
  • grief
  • stress

These factors reduce productivity and increase both planned and unplanned absences. Many of these factors are either preventable or modifiable.

Generally speaking, Employee Assistance Programs provide value in three ways:

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5 Signs That Someone May Be Struggling With Mental Illness

5 Signs That Someone May Be Struggling With Mental Illness

One in five adults experience a mental health disorder each year.1

Mental health issues can be more disabling than deafness or severe vision loss.

More Americans are expected to die this year by suicide than in car accidents.3

The way that each of us views mental health can impact those around us.  Consider this:  If someone you were close to was in poor physical health wouldn’t you do everything you could to help them heal?

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9 Things Men Can Do to Prevent Gender Violence

85% of domestic violence victims are women. Here in Southeast Texas, the percentage is even greater. At Family Services, we help victims of domestic violence (men and women) by providing them and their children shelter from their abuser.

We help batterers (men and women) break the cycle of violence.

But there are things every man can do to help prevent violence against women.

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“We love Laura. She is genuine, caring, and so helpful. She makes us feel good about ourselves instead of us feeling belittled or weird. She has been a true gift to our family.” – Counseling Center Client

“Let me start by saying I am VERY thankful to have had this experience.  With that being said, I dont’ have the words to describe my counselor.  This man is, without a doubt, the most genuine, caring and understanding individual I have ever encountered.  He showed me it was OK not to be perfect but to strive for it everyday.  I believe now that I can help others like myself.” – Anger Management Client

“Judy has been very compassionate and understanding but also straightforward, which I appreciate. She gave me practical ways to handle my issues and I am so happy with the progress I have made.” – Counseling Center Client

“I honestly believe that this class helped me to be a better and more informed parent. I would like to thank the counselors for the time and understanding they have shown me.” – Parenting Education Client

“I like my counselor. She is nice. [She] believes in me and tries to know me…” – Counseling Center Client

“Judy was an excellent counselor and I would refer all friends and family in a time of need…” – Women’s Anger Management Group Participant